Explanation of Additional Fees

It is our goal to provide you and your family with comprehensive and exceptional service. Some circumstances may require additional communication either verbal or written between your therapist and attorneys, psychiatrists, teachers, doctors, law enforcement officers, or other individuals in order to coordinate care.

You may also request written documentation such as Summary of Treatment, letters, or reports to be written and sent on your behalf or on behalf of your child.

We are happy to provide these services; however, these requests are not covered by insurance companies and are, therefore, the financial responsibility of the client. Fees must be paid in advance via credit card or check.

Below is a list of additional fees that may apply to the following communications.

Letters and other written documentation: $75 to $180

Phone Calls: $45 per 15 minute increments

Meetings, IEP, etc.: Hourly fees plus travel time

Court Appearance & Depositions: $250/hr. to include preparation, travel and testimony. Notice of deposition must be given at least two weeks in advance of the required date. There is a minimum required deposit of four hours paid by certified check two weeks in advance. Notice of cancelation must be given 72 hours prior to the deposition and money will be returned. If 72 hour notice not received, the money paid is not returned.