ADD/ADHD in Children and Adolescents 

ADD/ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder) in children and adolescents is a behavior disorder in which a child has difficulty with executive functioning skills such as concentration and focus. Impulsivity and hyperactivity also may be present. Potential symptoms must be significantly out of the normal range for the child’s age to be considered ADD/ADHD behaviors. For example, it may be normal for a 4-year-old to become restless and fidgety after being read to for 10 minutes. That same level of restlessness, however, may not be appropriate for a 15-year-old. ADD/ADHD is a common, but serious, disorder that begins in early childhood and can continue into adulthood. The exact cause is not clear, although the disorder tends to run in families, so a genetic factor is likely. If untreated, ADD/ADHD can have serious educational and social consequences. ADD/ADHD should be carefully diagnosed by an experienced and qualified professional who also can recommend a treatment plan. At Goodman Psychologist Associates, our licensed therapists use a variety of techniques to help children organize tasks, complete schoolwork and work through emotional difficulties. ADD/ADHD testing with a qualified clinical psychologist also is available.


Adults with ADD/ADHD display many of the same symptoms seen in children. It is common for adults to have lived for years with undiagnosed ADD/ADHD and suffered with untreated symptoms. Just as with children, adults should be evaluated by a qualified professional, and testing also is available. For some adults, a diagnosis of ADD/ADHD can bring a sense of relief and hope that their symptoms can be treated with the help of a licensed therapist.