Cultural Sensitivity & Awareness is Vital in The World Today

At Goodman Psychologist Associates, we believe cultural sensitivity practices can be applied to any type of therapy. These practices may help our clients feel more comfortable, making the treatment more effective. Research has helped document the positive effects of cultural sensitivity practices and has also outlined examples of how therapists can be more culturally competent in their interactions with clients of different backgrounds. Understanding and applying the cultural expectation of disclosing, for example, some personal information may help clients connect with their therapist. Other studies show that certain behaviors, such as familiar use of language and a general display of personable traits, can play an important role in some cultures.

Therapists with Cultural Sensitivity Training

A culturally sensitive therapist follows guidelines for working with diverse groups of people and understands that racial, cultural, religious, gender, and sexual identities interact with one’s beliefs and behavior. The expectation and ultimate goals for both the therapist and the client are notable progress and improvement despite cross-cultural boundaries and differences. Because they have acquired the necessary knowledge and skills, therapists who successfully integrate cultural sensitivity practices into their treatment recognize and respect differences and can communicate and interact successfully with clients from diverse backgrounds.