Perry Weingart, Psy.D.

Adults and Couples

Perry D. Weingart, Psy.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist working in the St. Charles and Oak Brook offices. He is a skilled marital and relationship counselor and with particular interest in treating severe anxiety and depression, anger management, adult ADHD, and retirement concerns.

“My treatment philosophy, based on the theory of Positive Psychology, seeks to make normal life more fulfilling. My job is to help clients navigate life successfully and nurture their resilience, patience, and open-mindedness. I believe in cultivating a client’s individual strengths as a buffer against all that life can throw at you.”

Dr. Weingart has developed and run an anger management and training program for the Will County Probation Department and worked with young adults with conduct disorders, substance abuse issues, and those who have been emotionally disturbed or physically abused. Dr. Weingart helps clients manage anger in healthy ways as well as guiding them in finding ways to cope with life and work stresses. He is experienced at assisting those in extremely demanding fields such as law enforcement and corporate/small business management.

“I am particularly interested in working with clients to get them to communicate their feelings and take action on their goals to feel more positively about themselves.”

Couples Counseling

An experienced relationship counselor, Dr. Weingart has helped many distanced partners to rebuild their relationships. Couples seek help for a variety of issues: feelings of loneliness; emotional/sexual remoteness; stress or anxiety; difficulties with anger; problems with drugs or alcohol; and stepfamily difficulties, including dealing with ex-spouses. Dr. Weingart guides couples in identifying the true obstacles and stresses in their relationships and in developing a plan for moving forward.

“I believe that one of the reasons for my success as a therapist comes from my ability to empathize with others, to understand the experience of another person’s feelings. It is important to feel understood and not judged. There is a personal joy I experience as I see individuals understand, confront, and surmount their problems.”

Dr. Weingart’s Areas of Focus Include:

Adult ADHD; anxiety; anger management; stress management; grief; relationship counseling; aging and senior issues